We welcome you to our data book filled with knowledge on hemp. Not just hemp, but a variety of hemp products and foods. We also show you the benefits of the healthy uses of hemp using CBD. Which can help with many of our days to day problems that we deal with, with our bodies?

There are many confusions and people against the use of a plant that is illegal. However, there are many people who are unaware that the chemical compound known as THC, which is found in the plant is what makes it illegal. Tetrahydrocannabinol which is also known as THC is what gives you that feeling of being high. That is what makes the plant Cannabis prohibited.

What Else?


However, there are other chemicals found in cannabis that everyone overlooks. One of them that can potentially make a positive impact is Hemp. Hemp is a legal substance found in cannabis since it does not give you a high effect its okay to use! So why would we use hemp? Hemp and health go hand and hand. You can consume hemp consumables and use it with your day to day routine.

As well as use hemp products like a face masque and soap you can fit it into your hygiene. It is definitely a game changer in your day to day life. Hemp also does many is very great for your body and it should be something we humans use. Our bodies react great to use and you shouldn’t be discouraged just cause you hear that it is in cannabis and that weed is not acceptable in our world.

Another substance that I will love to point out is cannabidiol also known as CBD or cannabis oil. To give a brief summary of what cannabidiol does is think of a wound that you have on the flesh. Well, what the first thing you would do to that open cut? You would put ointment on the open wound I would assume. With cannabidiol, it would basically be the same concept.


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